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Our Philosophy


The visual form of a guitar and its elements grow from an organic process. I open my mind to creative inspiration and allow ideas to evolve until I feel a concept has a form and a purpose.


Designing products until they conform to preconceptions leads to mediocrity at best.

Design, in itself, is never my goal, it's only a medium through which I express my creativity.


Our passion stems from our creativity; the desire to create meaning, to transform, to create connection and to create music.

It leads us to excel, to be go one step beyond our imagination. 


We believe there is a subtle element which is the key to making great guitars.....the human touch.

This is why Lamaq Guitars are skillfully made by craftsmen who are passionate about their art - this is what sets us apart.


With the advent of the technological age and sophisticated production systems, it is easy to lose touch with the organic nature of the Luthiers art, to lose touch with the guitar itself.

As luthiers, the most important aspect is the guitar, not the techniques used. We have embraced both tradition & technology as tools to assist our creative endeavours.


Excellence is a state of mind that drives us to surpass our limits; to look at where we are and how to be continuously improving.

It is not a destination; it is a journey that never ends.